Halcyon Software, the global leader in systems management software, has announced the immediate availability of the first product of its class that fully supports the Japanese language.  Halcyon was assisted by Solpac, its Tokyo-based strategic partner, which is a leading provider of consultancy services and specialist software solutions for the IBM midrange server market in Japan.  Solpac will now provide Halcyon Software’s full range of cross-platform monitoring and automation products which will significantly reduce the operating costs of Japanese companies using IBM’s Power Systems hardware, Windows and Linux servers throughout Japan, Thailand and Vietnam. Read more

VDT Direct, the leading developer of rapid deployment video security solutions, has added new Android enhancements to WebEye CMS, the world’s first fully cloud-based alarm monitoring software for the RSI Videofied system.  These enhancements ensure that this interactive security solution meets the latest Android specifications including the forthcoming changes to the primary push notification system.  This will ensure that WebEye continues to deliver resilient and reliable alarm notifications to Android-based smartphones and tablet computers. Read more

X2 Computing, a leading provider of mobile computing solutions for the casino sector, is launching the X2 Sapphire tablet computer at the Global Gaming Expo starting in Las Vegas on 2nd October.  It is compatible with all Windows operating systems, including the forthcoming Windows 8, enabling operators to run slots on the device without needing to rewrite existing applications or manage multiple versions of software.  X2 Sapphire will also allow players to join in on roulette and blackjack tables as well as enabling gaming to continue away from the casino floor. Read more

Vigilant Vision, one of the UK’s fastest growing security equipment suppliers, has launched an innovative new range of energy efficient widescreen LED monitors supported by an industry- leading four-year warranty.  Fully 1080P HD compatible, the monitors are designed to support the latest high resolution IP cameras in a wide range of video surveillance applications.  LED provides consistent illumination and a 40% reduction in power consumption, enabling organisations to meet green targets and reduce their impact on the environment. Read more