DILAX, the leading global provider of people counting technology, is launching OptoCount, a new 3D counting system using Enumeris data management software.  This innovative system pioneers a number of new technologies and capabilities, including access to real-time data and a greater range of measurements tracking customer movements through the store, and will deliver significant benefits to the retail sector. Read more

Accu-Time Systems, the leading global provider of biometric and non-biometric workforce management tools, has announced the immediate availability of EngineXML, a new software tool that enables software developers to integrate timeclocks with workforce management applications in less time.  This powerful tool packages the functionality required to significantly reduce terminal integration, maintenance, support and development efforts. Read more

Sinclair Voicenet, the UK’s longest established specialist provider of multimedia interaction recording, quality management, interaction analytics and workforce management solutions, has launched SmartVoice ViewPoint, a new customer feedback solution.  It allows organisations to capture the voice of customers immediately after contacts and gain a real-world understanding of their experiences to identify key ways to improve customer service around the clock. Read more

X2 Computing, a leading global provider of mobile computing solutions, has launched Carbon X220M, a new tablet computer for retail and order fulfilment applications.  Compatible with all Windows operating systems, it runs all commonly used business applications out of the box and provides mobile workforces with a powerful and robust computing tool that will increase productivity and performance in a wide range of retail and field service environments.

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The DfE has announced that the scope of the government’s phonics initiative has been broadened to include all state funded schools, academies and free schools with Key Stage 2 pupils.  To meet this new demand, ESPO, one of the UK’s largest public sector professional buying organisations, is sending them ‘The Importance of Phonics 2’ catalogue which includes over 1200 systematic synthetic phonics products and training, all of which are fully approved by DfE for use with Key Stage 1 or Key Stage 2 pupils.   Read more