Durham County Council is installing a new automated Videalert enforcement system to crack down on bus lane contraventions in North Road in Durham City. The council has taken over responsibility for the enforcement of bus lanes from Durham Constabulary and has deployed cameras as part of an ongoing contract with NSL in response to complaints about contraventions from local councillors, residents, bus companies, taxi drivers and the Durham Licenced Taxi Association.

According to Kieron Moralee, Parking and Transport Infrastructure Team Leader at Durham County council: “The cameras have been installed to reduce the incidence of drivers breaching bus lane restrictions and increase the speed and reliability of the local bus network. This measure will also impact on traffic flows, making the streets safer for cyclists and pedestrians alike.”

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Videalert has installed the latest ONVIF-compliant HD ANPR cameras that deliver the highest quality images. Capture rates are further enhanced by combining ANPR and video analytics to identify only the vehicles that are actually committing offences. The system also allows the use of a whitelist of vehicles that can legitimately use the gates including buses, emergency vehicles and maintenance vehicles.

Captured evidence packs are stored on Videalert’s hosted digital video platform where they can be accessed and reviewed securely over the internet. Validated evidence packs are sent to the council’s back office system to issue penalty charge notices (PCN). Videalert’s flexible hosted platform makes it a quick and cost effective process to deploy enforcement as it does not require the installation of any IT at the council’s offices.

“We are committed to maintaining an independent approach to the provision of ‘best of breed’ technology solutions to meet the specific requirements of individual clients,” commented James Fraser, Local Government Account Director at NSL. “With an outstanding track record of reliability, the Videalert platform was the ideal solution for Durham County Council.”

The cameras were switched on in mid-September and anyone caught misusing the bus lanes were sent warning letters for the first two weeks before £60 penalty charge notices were issued. The council has stated that all money raised through the charges will be invested back into managing the road network in County Durham.

Videalert added: “This contract demonstrates how Videalert and NSL can jointly deliver a complete end-to-end solution from cradle to grave including capture, back office processing and debt collection. This integrated approach reduces risk and enables councils to increase both productivity and compliance in the shortest timeframes.”

WDH, one of the UK’s largest housing associations which manages more than 31000 homes, has awarded Openview Security Solutions a major contract to install the latest security and fire protection systems for a pilot scheme at Low Cross Court, a high-rise building with thirty four dwellings. OpenView was awarded the contract after winning an open tender to install the CCTV, door entry, access control, fire alarm, sprinklers, fire stopping and additional fire safety measures with a full management and control system. Read more

Videalert, one of the UK’s leading suppliers of intelligent traffic enforcement and management solutions, has refurbished three mobile enforcement vehicles (MEVs) for Cornwall Council. The contract was awarded to Videalert after a competitive tender as part of a technology contract that SSE has with the council. Each of the MEVs has been equipped with a complete suite of software applications enabling them to operate fully unattended to enforce a wide range of parking contraventions. The vehicles will initially be used to aid enforcement of residential permit parking and other contraventions at bus stops and school keep clears will be added early in 2020.

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“SSE awarded the refurbishment contract to Videalert after carrying out a detailed analysis of solutions from the market’s leading suppliers,” commented Craig Taylor, Parking Manager at Cornwall Council. “Our focus was on quality and productivity, areas where the Videalert system excelled. In particular, the high quality cameras provide more accurate reads of number plates as well as high capture rates at normal road speeds.”

Videalert equipped each of the council’s three Peugeot 108’s with two roof-mounted ANPR cameras and two colour cameras to capture contextual video evidence. The ONVIF-compliant cameras accurately capture reflective number plates at distances of up to 40 metres with capture rates of up to 98% with just a single pass at normal road speeds. Used in conjunction with the latest video analytics, the system delivers the highest productivity at the lowest operating cost in any traffic environment.

Video evidence is transmitted to Videalert’s hosted digital video platform where evidence packs can be viewed and validated prior to sending to the council’s back office system for the issuance of penalty charge notices (PCN). Videalert’s flexible hosted platform makes it a quick and cost effective process to deploy enforcement as it does not require the installation of any IT at the council’s offices. To reduce the number of appeals, PCN recipients can view still photographs and video footage of the alleged offence over the internet.

Videalert added: “In recent benchmarking trials, our MEVs equipped with four cameras have proved to deliver industry-leading capture rates whilst consistently outperforming vehicles from other suppliers. Equipped with a full suite of software applications, these multi-purpose MEVs will give councils greater flexibility in the enforcement of a wide range of moving traffic and parking contraventions.”

OpenView Security Solutions, the UK’S largest privately owned independent security company and a leading national supplier of fire, electrical and mechanical services, has announced the appointment of Jonathan Pedley as Leaning and Development Lead. In this new role, he will be responsible for the development and delivery of personalised training courses to upskill new and existing staff as well as working to extend the company’s successful apprenticeship programme. Read more

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Videalert, one of the UK’s leading suppliers of intelligent traffic management and enforcement solutions, has announced the immediate availability of a new generation of air quality monitoring sensors. This innovative solution features integrated gas and particulate matter sensors and utilises Videalert’s existing infrastructure to transmit readings in real-time, providing councils with instant measurements showing the level of pollution in key locations.

According to Videalert: “This new air quality monitoring solution gives councils real-time insight into the levels of air pollution around the clock. It is extremely cost effective and can be specified as part of a new Videalert system, retrofitted to an existing Videalert camera installation or deployed as a standalone device. The sensor provides real-time data on the level of airborne particulates, including nitrogen dioxide and carbon dioxide, providing councils with real-time insight into the impact of enforcement cameras on improved air quality. It will have a significant role to play, particularly when used outside schools as part of a range of measures to protect children’s safety and health from pollution caused by excessive vehicle traffic.”

The Videalert device features a particulate matter sensor that uses the latest optical-based technologies and advanced sensor fusion algorithms to sense and count airborne particles from 1-1800µgm³. To ensure reliable operation, the sensor is based on light scattering and is fully glass sealed, protecting the internal mechanism from detrimental atmospheric effects.

The device is designed to integrate with Videalert’s RDS WAN units (processors up poles) to transmit captured sensor data to the company’s digital video platform where it can be ‘visualised’ to show the levels of particulate matter at different times throughout the day and night. This data can also be shared with UTMC style systems to inform and alert drivers via video message screens of high pollution levels and, if appropriate, re-route the traffic. Data from the sensors can also be blended with enforcement data from installed CCTV cameras to strengthen and validate the business case for the adoption of moving traffic enforcement restrictions including clean air or low emission zones.

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OpenView Security Solutions has opened a new, purpose-built technical Training Academy at its Romford-based head office. This new facility will be used to cross train engineers and extend its existing apprenticeship programme. It will also enable the company to retrain ex police and services personnel, giving them the required industry skills. Read more

Westminster City Council is standardising on Videalert’s hosted CCTV enforcement platform. The decision was taken after conducting a twelve-month pilot comparison exercise between Videalert and the incumbent provider. Marston Holdings group companies Videalert and NSL were selected to deliver this solution after completing a comprehensive analysis across a wide range of enforcement activities including yellow box junctions, banned turns and restricted access. Read more