Videalert has unveiled a new mobile demonstration vehicle. Equipped a complete suite of traffic and parking enforcement applications, the vehicle is also fitted with individual monitors and perspex screens that allow occupants in the rear seats to participate in covid-secure mobile demonstrations.

According to Videalert: “This mobile demonstration facility will be of particular interest to the local authorities outside London and Wales that are planning to apply to the DfT for powers to enforce moving traffic contraventions local as soon as the remaining elements of Part 6 of the Transport Management Act 2004 are enacted. It will allow local authorities to gain a better understanding of how moving traffic enforcement can increase driver compliance and road safety whilst reducing congestion and improving air quality.”

The vehicle is equipped with six ONVIF-compliant HD cameras allowing demonstrations of optimum enforcement through a 360 degree field of view. A large format monitor has also been installed in the back of the vehicle enabling static demonstrations of the Videalert system to be given for larger audiences when the tailgate is open.

Videalert provides fixed and mobile CCTV enforcement cameras along with a DfT Manufacturer Certified hosted solution which eliminates the need for local authorities to procure and deploy any equipment within their IT infrastructures or install software on local PCs for evidence pack review. Images of contraventions are transmitted via secure cellular communications to this hosted platform where evidence packs can be viewed and validated with a simple three click process prior to sending to parking management systems for PCN progression. To reduce the number of appeals, registered keepers can view still photographs and video footage of alleged offences online.