A New Authorisation and Invoice Management System From Truckfile

Magic Internet Technologies, supplier of Truckfile, the UK’s leading fleet and workshop management compliance solution, has teamed up with Clifford Thames, a leading supplier to the global automotive leasing industry to launch Truckfile Athoris, an innovative and unique web-based quote authorisation and invoice management system.  This new platform provides leasing companies and workshop operations with greater control over the whole maintenance and repair process and can be accessed using any internet-enabled device including tablets, laptops, desktops and smartphones.  It delivers significant savings by ensuring that invoices are only issued for fully approved work items and reduces the need for the time consuming and costly manually reconciliation of paper-based invoices. 

According to Paul Clarke, Managing Director of Magic Internet Technologies:  “Truckfile Athoris provides leasing companies and fleet operations with a more effective way to manage maintenance budgets.  It gives enhanced control over the submission and authorisation of service maintenance repair work and enables an 80% reduction in administration costs to be achieved by eliminating the manual intervention that is traditionally required to manage the repair authorisation process.”

Athoris significantly reduces the need for manual processing by applying contracts and automatic authorisation profiles.  This allows the approval process to be automated, improving accuracy and ensuring that the correct maintenance is carried out for every vehicle to meet predetermined terms and conditions.  It also streamlines the billing process by enabling independently created and pre-reconciled electronic invoices to be directly input into accounting systems.

Speeding up the authorisation process will not only increase the efficiency of the repair process but also minimise the time that vehicles are off the road.  Truckfile Athoris also eliminates the incidence of duplicated service requests and allows a consistent history data set to be maintained throughout the vehicle lifecycle, improving the decision-making process from authorisation to disposal.  Knowing exactly how much each vehicle is costing will also enable the creation of more accurate lease agreements.

Repairers, both franchised and independent, will also find Athoris to be easy to use and enable them to work seamlessly and cost effectively with the leasing industry.  It speeds up the processing of fleet authorisations from leasing companies by providing instant access to the terms and conditions of any vehicle and ensuring that quotations are always correct by automatically linking with manufacturer and other recognised third party data sources.

Truckfile Athoris is quick and easy to deploy and integrates with commonly used applications.  It enables repairers to work with multiple brands and electronically submit quotations and invoices that are fully controlled, checked, and cross referenced with approved work items.  This reduces manual data entry and speeds up the authorisation process giving repairers instant notifications of the status of all requests and shortens the time for payment.

“Truckfile Athoris can be deployed on a pay-as-you-go basis without the software licensing and high set-up costs associated with other systems on the market, continued Paul Clarke.  “It integrates seamlessly with Truckfile, the UK’s leading fleet and workshop management and compliance solution, to eliminate the incidence of missed maintenance, minimise vehicle ‘off the road’ time and deliver further cost savings to fleet and workshop operators of every size.”

Scott Christie, Managing Director of Athoris added: “I’m very pleased to be able to work with Truckfile to build upon their leading edge offering to the commercial vehicle sector.  This further demonstrates the capabilities and positive benefits of the Athoris platform to expand on our key goals: to provide efficiencies, support customer retention and growth for the leasing and fleet industry in a variety of sectors and markets.”