Accu-Time Systems Speeds Up Timeclock Integration With EngineXML

Accu-Time Systems, the leading global provider of biometric and non-biometric workforce management tools, has announced the immediate availability of EngineXML, a new software tool that enables software developers to integrate timeclocks with workforce management applications in less time.  This powerful tool packages the functionality required to significantly reduce terminal integration, maintenance, support and development efforts.

EngineXML enables workforce management solution providers and payroll companies to greatly reduce their time‐to‐market by redirecting their development resources toward core competencies.  It provides comprehensive, centralised terminal management with a clear and easy to read user interface that shows the status of all terminals and communication with the host software.  EngineXML also manages the distribution of biometric templates enabling employees to move between locations and remotely handles firmware updates across logical groupings.

According to Accu-Time Systems:  “As the leading global provider of biometric and non-biometric workforce management tools, we are committed to working closely with partners to help them develop their software around workforce management appliances.  EngineXML reduces development time from months to just a few days, and delivers higher levels of functionality to users with increased terminal visibility and remote terminal management.”

EngineXML can currently be deployed using onsite servers and will shortly also be available as a cloud-based solution.  Communication between the terminal, EngineXML and the workforce management software uses platform‐independent XML and secure HTTP(S), making it suitable for use with SaaS applications.  Data is transferred on‐demand through a near real‐time batch process.  EngineXML uses industry standards and protocols to deliver a modern, scalable, robust and flexible integration resulting in a more simplified configuration and deployment.