AccuTouch USB – A New Multispectral Fingerprint Reader From Accu-Time Systems

Accu-Time Systems, the leading global provider of biometric and non-biometric workforce management tools, has announced the immediate availability of AccuTouch USB, a new portable multispectral fingerprint reader.  This new device will enable organisations to introduce biometrics into a wider range of environments and virtually eliminate enrolment and false read issues.

According to David Hembery, Director of Accu-Time Systems UK:  “AccuTouch USB is a unique portable multispectral reader that sets a new standard for fingerprint performance, reliability, and durability.  It will deliver higher levels of user satisfaction and greater return on investment in a wide range of payroll, time and attendance, workforce management and access control applications.”

AccuTouch USB uses patented multispectral imaging technology to provide exceptional biometric performance regardless of the environment or the user’s skin condition.  Multiple wavelengths of light are used to capture surface information as well as data from capillaries situated about 1mm below the skin surface.  As the pattern of these structures is identical to the surface print, this provides more reliable and accurate reads even when the surface print is obscured by dirt or water or is damaged.  A unique finger placement ridge ensures the best fingerprint image is obtained and the quality of the read is unaffected by the pressure the user applies.

AccuTouch USB will deliver business benefits in different environments.  For customers using the AccuTouch time and attendance terminal, this new device provides a quick and easy way for HR departments to enrol new employees as part of the induction process.  It automatically populates the central database and distributes the data to all terminals wherever they are located.  AccuTouch USB can also be used to enhance the PC-based time clocks used by many office workers to confirm the real identity of the person clocking in.

AccuTouch USB is easy to integrate into any application using a freely available software development kit (SDK).  With a UK and USA-based team of support technicians, Accu-Time Systems provides industry-leading levels of support to both end users and channel partners.