BlueprintAMS – A new solution for the Servitization era

BlueprintAMS is a unique and ground-breaking software solution that enables organizations to profitably transition from traditional “build and sell” business models to “servitization” where they engage in custom multi-year, fixed fee performance-based service agreements. Built around a powerful cost and risk calculation engine, BlueprintAMS encodes and automates over 35 years of experience from the leading visionaries in the AfterMarket and Servitization world.

According to Kevin Geraghty, CEO of Blueprint CPQ: “BlueprintAMS is the first SaaS ‘configurable’ solution that supports the Aftermarket and Servitization markets. It will help guide our clients through the journey from transaction-based business models to embracing continuous recurring revenue models, helping to drive the most value, both internally and externally, from current or future service offerings.

This cloud-based solution enables organizations to calculate the cost, risk and value of tailored multi-year performance-based agreements, enabling business cases to be assessed and approved prior to taking them to market. Approved solution sets can be used by internal sales teams, channel partners and end users to provide individually tailored service agreements.

BlueprintAMS enhances the capabilities of sales teams by enabling them to offer pre-approved tailored solutions to customers. It also allows for a range of permitted variables, including both product and service options, from which customers can choose tailored solution sets that best meet their specific needs.
BlueprintAMS is CRM, CPQ and ERP agnostic and can be integrated within any application landscape or deployed as a stand-alone solution. It is quick and easy to onboard using a systemized approach and benchmarked data derived from industry experience.