Charles Street Buildings Group Installs LandMark 4 Property Management System

Charles Street Buildings Group (CSB), the East Midlands-based property investment company, has installed LandMark 4, the leading property management software solution from Hexagon Software. This market-leading software solution will enhance the management of CSB’s portfolio.

According to Robert Smith, Company Secretary of CSB: “LandMark 4 will enable us to achieve significant efficiency improvements by automating time-consuming manual processes. It will also provide us with access to real-time data, giving an instant snapshot of how the portfolio is performing to enhance decision-making across the business.”

LandMark 4 is a web-based property management system with an easy view dashboard that automatically delivers the latest, real-time property information. It can be customised for individual users to show a broad range of high level overviews with performance indicators that show the current status of the property portfolio at a glance.

The new system automates the reporting process by centralising the management and storage of data relating to CSB’s property portfolio. It eliminates the need for complex spreadsheets and enables informative reports to be generated at the press of a button without having to manually gather data.

Hexagon Software worked closely with CSB throughout the deployment process to import key data from Excel-based spreadsheets into the new system. LandMark 4 became fully operational after a period where the software was run in parallel with the old processes to ensure everything worked as it should.

“We were impressed by the enthusiastic approach taken by Hexagon Software throughout the transition to LandMark 4,” added Smith. “As well as being intuitive, it is easy to use, which has minimised the need for training.”