English Football Set To Follow Welsh Premier League Champions The New Saints FC With Vote To Introduce 3G Pitches

As English football prepares to vote on the acceptability of artificial 3G pitches for Leagues One and Two, it is worth remembering that it was actually back in 2007 when Welsh Premier League champions The New Saints FC installed a 3G pitch at their Park Hall stadium in Oswestry under the leadership of Chairman Mike Harris.  The New Saints FC became the UK’s first team in the UK play a Champions League tie on a 3G pitch. 

Following a decision by the Conference League to allow the introduction of artificial pitches, a similar vote is taking place this week when clubs from England’s 1st and 2nd Divisions will decide whether to follow suit.

Chairman Mike Harris was a visionary when he decided that a 3G pitch would be at the heart of The New Saints FC’s new stadium during the earliest planning stages back in 2003.  He is an enthusiatic and outspoken supporter of this technology and has unrivalled experience of the benefits that this type of surface can bring to a football club.  They include:

Year Round Football – a consistent and predictable surface at all times – 365 days a year

Community Inclusion – enables academy and other community groups to use the pitch for matches and other events

Reduced Maintenance – eliminates need for expensive machinery and specialised grounds staff

For further information visit www.tnsfc.co.uk