Geerings Upgrades Service Management System to 2Serv From Purpose Software

Geerings, one of the South East’s leading providers of MPS and print management services, is upgrading its service management capability with the installation of 2serv. Developed by Purpose Software, this market-leading software solution will provide the Geerings management team with faster access to real-time information to enable data-driven decision-making and streamline billing processes.

According to Jon Killengray, Service Manager at Geerings: “We selected 2serv after an extensive review of available solutions as we wanted to work with a company that really understands the needs of resellers in this market sector and is able to deliver the highest level of service and support. Purpose Software also offered us the ability to install the software on a subscription basis allowing us to pay for the system as we use it without major up-front capital expenditure.”

The new service management system will enable Geerings to achieve considerable time-savings across the business. In particular, it will streamline and enhance the billing process by tightly integrating with Sage200. This will provide a single point of access and eliminate the need for manual batch transfers, making invoices immediately available in Sage after being created in 2serv.

Further savings will be achieved by enhancing the toner management process including the automatic checking that consumables have achieved the correct usage. 2serv also provides rapid access to informative management reports that can be run at a press of a button without impacting on overall system performance. These reports present up-to-the-minute data in formats that are easier to interpret for better decision-making.

“Purpose Software is providing us with a service management system that will deliver lightning speed performance no matter what we throw at it, unlike the previous system which often struggled during the generation of complex reports,” continued Jon Killengray. “The 2serv system is fully future-proofed providing us with access to all enhancements, as they are released as part of the subscription programme, ensuring that it will continue to meet the evolving needs of the business.”

Geerings is also installing 2roam, a mobile application that empowers engineers equipped with tablets, smartphones and other mobile devices to access and update 2serv from any location. It will increase the productivity of the company’s field service team by enabling them to make more efficient use of their time.