Halcyon Releases Authority Swapper V11 For Access Control Of IBM i

Halcyon Software, the global leader in systems management software, has today announced an update to Authority Swapper, the access control tool for the IBM i.  Authority Swapper allows IT managers to grant users different levels of authority, for temporary periods, to carry out specific tasks.  It provides a visible forensic trace of user activity, which assists organisations in meeting security compliance rules.  This latest release, v11, features a newly designed browser-based user interface with intuitive graphics that make it easier for IT and compliance teams to see what users are doing on the system in real-time. 

This new graphical user interface also provides a historical audit of activities, enabling audit staff to replay complete sequences of events at the press of a button, showing screens visited and actions carried out during any user session.  Authority Swapper logs, records and stores every activity carried out during user sessions, all of which can be automatically exported to a secure, encrypted file for internal and external auditing purposes.

The team behind Halcyon Software’s latest version of Authority Swapper has developed the user interface from the ground up to be easy to use.  The browser-based interface enables audit staff to login 24/7 from any web-enabled location around the world using laptop, tablet or smartphone devices allowing an instant response to any unauthorised user activity.  With point and click configuration, it allows staff to access multiple IBM i systems using drop-down menus without having to manually login to each one individually.

“This latest release of Authority Swapper makes it easier than ever before for compliance teams to audit user activities as it totally eliminates the need for audit staff to have a specialist understanding of the commands and language used by the IBM i system,”  commented Halcyon Software.  “We are committed to simplifying the security and system monitoring process and this new version will enable a wide range of organisations, such as banks, insurance companies and the gaming industry, to meet their compliance obligations.”

Authority Swapper v11 is available as a standalone product for all organisations using the IBM i and existing Authority Swapper customers can upgrade free of charge.   It can also be cost-effectively integrated into all of Halcyon Software’s market-leading monitoring suites for IBM i systems.