Halcyon Software Announces Advanced Job Scheduler V11 For IBM i To Improve Business Continuity

Halcyon Software, the global leader in systems management software, has announced the immediate availability of Advanced Job Scheduler v11 for the IBM i platform.  It enables organisations to schedule and track complex job streams across different IBM i systems to ensure that business processes are running smoothly.  Uniquely, this latest version is the first job scheduler that can be run on an independent auxiliary storage pool (iASP) to maintain the availability of IBM i infrastructures and protect against unexpected disruption.  It provides an additional layer of continuity assurance enabling organisations to meet all regulatory requirements.

According to Halcyon Software:  “This iASP functionality was developed in short timescales to meet the demanding job scheduling requirements of major IBM users.  It enables organisations to ensure that key business processes run reliably, deliver significant cost savings and provides a rapid return on investment.”

Advanced Job Scheduler v11 ensures that processes run at the designated time and the iASP functionality enables it to be ported seamlessly to another system in the event of disk corruption or other unexpected issues.  For extra resilience, Halcyon’s Advanced Job Scheduler can be moved to other locations to minimise business disruption.

Data can also be imported from other third party schedulers for the IBM i, such as Help Systems Robot/SCHEDULE and organisations can convert to Halcyon’s solution using its reliable methodology for job migration.  The software will deliver significant cost savings through reduced maintenance fees, decreased manual processes and the delivery of greater efficiencies for data centres that have outgrown their existing job scheduler.

Furthermore, Halcyon operates a fair pricing policy so that if an IBM customer increases the Commercial Processing Workload (CPW) of their hardware in the future, they will be protected against additional licence and maintenance fees.  Halcyon software is not priced on a CPW basis.

The new Advanced Job Scheduler is available immediately, either as a standalone utility or as part of Halcyon’s Level 4 Operations Centre Suite monitoring software.  Customers already using Halcyon’s Advanced Job Scheduler can upgrade to this latest release free of charge.