Leeds City Council Extends Use Of Videalert CCTV Enforcement Systems

Leeds City Council is extending the use of Videalert automated CCTV enforcement systems for bus lanes after a successful two-year pilot scheme that has delivered a reduction in offences of more than 74% and faster journey times for public transport users.  The council has just awarded Videalert a contract to roll the system out to an additional ten sites.  The deployment of these new sites will be completed by the end of 2013. 

Videalert bus lane enforcement systems were originally installed in late 2011 after the company won an open tender process that included other leading technology providers.  Cameras were initially installed to monitor bus lane offences in five city centre sites where the number of motorists illegally driving into bus lanes to avoid traffic congestion reduced by up to 90% in the first year alone.  The system was rolled out to a further seven sites in 2012 including five on the A65 Quality Bus Corridor.  As well as helping to speed up traffic flow and reduce bus journey times across the city, Leeds City Council is hoping that this will encourage more people to leave their cars at home and make greater use of public transport.

The Videalert platform automates and streamlines the capture and video recording of vehicle contraventions and integrates with software that issues Penalty Charge Notices (PCNs) without needing additional manpower resources.  This rapidly redeployable enforcement solution uses 3G to wirelessly transmit data to the council’s parking control centre allowing it to be used in any location.  Leeds City Council has made significant cost savings as the Videalert system is compatible with existing CCTV cameras, minimising the need for investment in new hardware.

According to Videalert:  “We are delighted to be working with Leeds City Council on this important project which demonstrates that our unique and innovative approach to developing digital CCTV-based enforcement solutions can deliver significant benefits to local authorities compared with traditional systems. Using a single integrated platform, the Videalert system also enables users to extend enforcement to banned turns, box junction and other infringements even in heavy traffic environments.”