London Borough Of Bromley Deploys Videalert Automated Enforcement To Increase Safety Outside School Gates

The London Borough of Bromley is installing the latest automated enforcement system from Videalert to increase road safety outside five schools that have been experiencing high levels of inconsiderate behaviour from parents parking on the yellow keep clears when dropping off or collecting their children. It is also deploying unattended CCTV enforcement systems at all of their bus lane locations to upgrade the existing manually operated systems.The contract has been awarded to OpenView Security Solutions, a leading provider of CCTV systems to local authorities, under the ELS framework agreement, which is available to all London boroughs.

According to Allen Herve, Contracts and Operations Manager, Parking and Shared Services for the London Borough of Bromley & Bexley: “The Videalert solution helps to solve a growing issue at the school gates where inconsiderate parking by parents is putting children at risk. It provides a real deterrent for inconsiderate drivers where other traditional forms of enforcement have proved to be less than effective along with providing best value for the Authority.”

The decision to install the Videalert solution was made after a successful pilot scheme which started in 2013 but was delayed until the government formalised the exemptions in the recent Deregulation Act. The system combines automatic number plate recognition (ANPR) with video analytics to deliver the highest productivity at the lowest operational cost. Using a single PTZ camera, continuously monitors the keep clear zones and automatically captures only the drivers that are stationary in defined ‘watch areas’ and exceed the ‘watch times’. Evidence packs are automatically created for review by a qualified operator before sending them to back office PCN processing systems.

The Videalert CCTV enforcement system is also being installed to automate the enforcement of bus lane locations across the borough. This intelligent solution automatically captures only the number plates of vehicles that actually commit offences. It delivers higher levels of productivity at a lower cost than the existing legacy systems that rely on operators to manually monitor each camera location to identify contraventions and construct evidence packs.

“Moving to automated, unattended CCTV enforcement systems will provide best value for the Authority and enable us to extend the hours of operations without additional associated costs,” continued Allen Herve. “It will also enable us to redeploy staff to deliver an enhanced level of service provision and achieve significant cost savings.”

“We are pleased to be working with OpenView Security Solutions on this important contract,” added Tim Daniels, Sales and Marketing Director of Videalert. “The Videalert platform allows local authorities to seamlessly upgrade from manually operated systems using the same infrastructure whilst reducing manpower and equipment costs. It provides more effective compliance and ensures best value for local tax payers over the lifetime of the contract.”

The Videalert platform provides the London Borough of Bromley with built-in future-proofing. It supports multiple civil traffic enforcement, traffic management, community safety and crime prevention applications simultaneously. It is fully ONVIF certified, compatible with existing analogue cameras and allows a progressive migration to digital camera environments.