London Borough Of Redbridge Extends Use Of Videalert Unattended CCTV Enforcement Platform

Following a successful pilot, The London Borough of Redbridge has awarded OpenView Security Solutions Limited a contract to extend the Videalert-based unattended CCTV enforcement system to cover additional identified problem locations.

Councillor Baldesh Nijjar, Cabinet member for Environment and Sustainability, said: “The Videalert platform complements the variety of work we do to ensure that our roads are as safe as possible.  We will not stand for motorists who flout the rules of the road and increase the risk of harm to other motorists and pedestrians.

“This system has allowed us to efficiently enforce parking and moving traffic violations and has had an impact on reducing traffic congestion and improving road safety across the Borough.”

By combining ANPR technology with sophisticated video analytics, the Videalert platform reliably enforces moving traffic contraventions such as bus lanes, banned turns and box junctions.  The effectiveness of this was demonstrated during the pilot as the Videalert system successfully tracked moving objects, particularly multiple vehicles in normal busy traffic environments, something that suppliers of traditional legacy point solutions have been unable to consistently achieve.

Terry Cox, Group Sales & Marketing Director for OpenView Security Solutions, commented: “As a longstanding supplier to the London Borough of Redbridge, we are focused on meeting the council’s evolving CCTV infrastructure requirements, including civil traffic enforcement.  Our partnership with Videalert is enabling us to deliver a new generation of multipoint digital enforcement solutions that improves driver behaviour and we are confident that this model of working will be increasingly replicated across the UK. We have installed other traffic enforcement systems in the past and this is by far the most advanced of its type.”

Videalert’s Digital Video Platform seamlessly integrates with Redbridge’s existing analogue and ONVIF-compliant digital megapixel cameras and supports the widest range of communications infrastructures including 3G, Wi-Fi and fibre-based LANs.  It also allows Redbridge to reduce unnecessary street furniture clutter as there is no need for remote PCs on lighting columns and only two cameras are needed to deliver the unattended enforcement of moving traffic contraventions in any location.

David Richmond, CEO of Videalert, added:  “As well as enabling the enforcement of moving traffic offences, the Videalert digital platform delivers additional benefits through the simultaneous provision of vehicle plate read data to Police ANPR databases (BOFII) and traffic management systems (UTMC). It also enables the unattended enforcement of keep clears outside schools. These combined capabilities minimise capital investment and drive down the operating costs of CCTV traffic systems.”

The Videalert solution also automates the construction of video evidence packs which are transmitted to Civica for review and processing without the need for manual copy and pasting as required by the previous analogue-based systems.