London Borough Of Richmond Upon Thames Deploys New Videalert CCTV Enforcement System For Parking And Moving Traffic Offences

Videalert, one of the UK’s leading suppliers of civil traffic enforcement solutions, has announced the award of a major contract to supply the London Borough of Richmond upon Thames with a new digital CCTV system for the enforcement of parking, bus lane and other moving traffic offences.  The first phase of the project will see the deployment of an attended enforcement system to upgrade a legacy parking and bus lane system that is no longer supported.  The Videalert system will enable the Council to introduce unattended camera enforcement later this year for all types of moving traffic offences such as box junctions and banned turns, as well as simple and complex bus lanes, by leveraging the existing infrastructure and eliminating the need for further investment in separate systems. 

According to Jim Marshall, Head of Parking Services and the London Borough of Richmond upon Thames:  “We liked the simplicity and flexibility of the Videalert system to quickly and easily integrate into our existing CCTV infrastructure and accommodate an expanding network of cameras.  It has already enabled us to reach 100% workstation deployment and is significantly reducing the time taken to capture offences and review evidence packs.  The system can also, where required, convert to unattended operations to increase the hours of enforcement without the associated additional staffing costs.”

The Videalert system offers easy integration with the enforcement systems and infrastructure used by local authorities.  Using an innovative, single infrastructure platform, the system supports attended enforcement and can be incrementally evolved to support unattended enforcement of all types of moving traffic offences without having to upgrade existing equipment.  This unique approach is not shared by other suppliers who provide totally different solutions for attended and unattended enforcement.

“Videalert’s proven ability to deliver unattended enforcement of complex moving traffic offences provides us with future investment protection and the ability to realise large additional efficiency savings and productivity benefits over the lifetime of the contract,” concluded Jim Marshall.

Videalert added:  “We are delighted to have won this competitive tender contract which consolidates our leading position in the market.  Videalert is uniquely positioned to support local authorities with their immediate and future requirements for attended and unattended systems for civil traffic enforcement.  Our single infrastructure platform uses class-leading combined video analytics and ANPR technology and will deliver the lowest possible total cost of ownership over the whole contract.”