London Borough of Richmond upon Thames Enforces Moving Traffic Contraventions With Videalert Unattended Digital System

The London Borough of Richmond upon Thames is introducing unattended camera enforcement at a total of eight locations across the borough for a range of moving traffic offences including restricted access, banned turn and bus lane contraventions. This will enable the council to achieve significant efficiency and productivity improvements using the existing Videalert Digital Video Platform without requiring additional major investment.

According to Jim Marshall, Head of Parking Services at the London Borough of Richmond upon Thames: “The Videalert system has proved to be exceptionally reliable since it was installed two years ago and has allowed us to maximise the investment in our existing infrastructure. Switching to unattended operations will enable us to increase the hours of enforcement without the associated additional staffing costs.”

The Videalert system was originally selected as it supports attended, unattended and mobile CCTV enforcement and offers high levels of future proofing using static, re-deployable and mobile CCTV technologies. It also enables multiple civil traffic enforcement, traffic management, community safety and crime prevention applications to run simultaneously from a single CCTV infrastructure without requiring specific equipment for every point solution.

“Videalert’s unattended enforcement solution will deliver significant cost and efficiency savings by eliminating the need for staff to monitor CCTV cameras.   It also allows us to overcome the restricted working hours and shift patterns that traditionally have limited the overall effectiveness of enforcing moving traffic contraventions,” concluded Marshall.

The platform will enable the London Borough of Richmond upon Thames to maximise productivity and minimise manpower resources in the evidence review process by automating manual workflows with a quick and easy three click process to review evidence packs and produce PCNs.

“The Government’s recent Deregulation Bill is forcing local authorities to look at new technologies that mitigate against the reduced income from parking fines and allow them to operate more efficiently at a lower cost,” added Videalert. “The latest generation of digital video platforms seamlessly integrates with existing CCTV infrastructures and allows councils to progressively migrate from analogue to digital camera environments without the need for significant capital investment.”