Market-leading Portable DVR Integrated Into WebEye Alarm Monitoring Solution

VDT Direct, the leading developer of rapid deployment video security solutions, has announced that the DV COP Cell portable DVR system has been successfully integrated into WebEye, the recently launched cloud-based alarm monitoring software.  This market leading event-driven DVR is used by most of the UK’s police forces and delivers evidential quality images in wide range of asset protection and flytipping applications. 

The DV Cop Cell is part of the Memocam Series of security solutions and is designed for rapid deployment at an affordable cost.  It connects to any standard analogue CCTV camera and, when triggered by an event, captures a programmable series of digitised still images which are recorded on a removable SD card with a capacity of up to 4GB.  Alarms can be activated by external triggers as well as advanced, integrated Video Motion Detection (VMD), enabling specific areas of interest within the picture frame to be defined. 

When an event is detected and captured, the system generates and sends an email to the WebEye monitoring software with time and date stamped JPEG images as attachments.  These images can be transmitted in a range of resolutions including 320×240 for optimum speed over cellular networks.  WebEye automatically extracts all relevant data and routes the alerts to predetermined smartphones, tablets and other mobile devices enabling the appropriate actions to be taken immediately.  

According to VDT Direct:  “Integrating the DV Cop Cell with the WebEye monitoring software will provide users with greater flexibility in terms of deployment and enable a faster response to be delivered for every triggered event.  We are undertaking a continuous programme to integrate other market leading systems with this innovative, cloud-based solution.” 

Weighing 690g with dimensions of just 153 x 140 x 43mm, the DV Cop Cell is particularly suitable for deployment in remote locations such as outbuildings, communication masts and substations.  It delivers high quality images without requiring day-to-day intervention or maintenance and can be mains or battery powered.  A 12V output can be used to power up a remote camera to record every incident.