New Tlantic inStore Tracking Application Maximises Retail Sales

Tlantic, a global developer of retail solutions, is launching a new inStore tracking application at RBTE 2015.   Part of the company’s Tlantic Mobile Retail Suite™, inStore Tracking enables retailers to maximise the effectiveness of planograms and merchandising displays and significantly increase sales performance. inStore Tracking also allows retailers to interact more closely with their customers and deliver targeted offers and promotions directly to their smartphones as they visit different areas throughout the store.

“Tlantic inStore Tracking provides retailers with real-time insights into performance and enables rapid and informed decision-making to fine-tune and maximise sales throughout the store,” commented Paulo Magalhães, CEO of Tlantic. “It will significantly increase the effectiveness of sales promotions, enhance customer interaction, create cross-selling opportunities and enable the delivery of improved customer service.”

Tlantic’s new inStore Tracking application tracks Wi-Fi, GSM or Bluetooth-enabled smartphones and tablets carried by customers to provide a cost-effective, real-time people counting solution. Knowing how many people are in a store at any one time enables managers to ensure that a sufficient number of customer service staff are available. Automated warnings of developing situations, such as overcrowded stores or checkout areas, can be sent direct to staff on the shop floor enabling them to take immediate action to reduce queuing and ensure the safety of all shoppers.

The movement of customers between different areas of a store and dwell times in different zones can also be tracked. This enables retailers to identify the most effective merchandising displays and where the most sales are being generated.

inStore Tracking can also be used in conjunction with Tlantic’s Customer app or retailer’s existing apps to communicate with customers in a non-intrusive way. Customers that opt-in will receive notifications from the retailer with further information about specific products or suggestions for complementary products that may be of interest. Shoppers using the Tlantic Customer app can also interact directly with the retailer to enquire about a particular product, check stock levels and sizing information, or request assistance from the floor sales staff who use inStore Tracking to instantly locate the customer within the store.

Tlantic inStore Tracking is already being used by some of the world’s leading international retailers to engage more closely with their customers and analyse data on a store-by-store basis to determine the effectiveness of workforce management, merchandising, pricing and special promotions.

A web-based dashboard provides staff with a customisable, real-time view of performance showing the hot and cold-spots of every location. It also shows the routes that shoppers take throughout the store and the time they spend in each department or at the till. Tlantic Mobile Tracking generates a comprehensive range of reports providing retailers with greater insight into what customers really want and the offers that deliver the highest returns.

The Tlantic Mobile Retail Suite™ delivers a true omni-channel customer experience and enables applications from Tlantic, third party apps and retailer’s existing apps, to link with legacy retail software applications. It integrates with all commonly used e-commerce, ERP, WMS and POS platforms and is scalable from single site locations through to the largest multi-site, multi-brand and multi-currency retail operations. The suite can be deployed as a cloud, or as an on premise-based solution.

A video of the Tlantic inStore application can be viewed at