New LED Widescreen Monitors Deliver Longer Operational Life With 40% Reduction In Power Consumption

Vigilant Vision, one of the UK’s fastest growing security equipment suppliers, has launched an innovative new range of energy efficient widescreen LED monitors supported by an industry- leading four-year warranty.  Fully 1080P HD compatible, the monitors are designed to support the latest high resolution IP cameras in a wide range of video surveillance applications.  LED provides consistent illumination and a 40% reduction in power consumption, enabling organisations to meet green targets and reduce their impact on the environment.

The new monitors are available in 21.5” and 23.6” versions and deliver full HD picture quality with a dynamic contrast ratio of 10,000:1 for deeper contrasts and richer, more realistic colours.  With a maximum resolution of 1920 x 1080, they have a response rate of less than 5ms for easy PTZ control in busy control room environments whilst eliminating the latency that often causes fast moving images to blur or smear.  A full range of inputs are provided including BNC video in/out, VGA, in/out and HDMI.

Vigilant Vision’s new LED monitors deliver additional environmental benefits through the elimination of hazardous substances such as mercury during the manufacturing process.  The LED monitors also enable operational cost savings to be achieved as they give out less heat when in use and require less external cooling.

According to Ron Sharpe, Managing Director of Vigilant Vision:  “Our new LED monitors provide higher levels of performance and lower running costs compared with equivalent LCD screens.  They will deliver significant cost savings throughout their operational life as well as having lower disposal costs when replaced.”