Pittman Traffic Launches New Range Of HGV And Bus Parking Blocks

Pittman Traffic & Safety Equipment Ltd, a leading supplier of traffic and safety equipment to UK and Europe, has introduced a new range of HGV and bus parking blocks. Quick and easy to install, they are available in rubber or steel and will reduce the incidence of damage to buildings caused by commercial vehicles of every size, up to the largest HGVs, in a wide range of environments including warehousing, factories, garages and construction sites.

According to Pittman Traffic: “Available for immediate delivery, these easy fit HGV and bus parking blocks will deliver significant cost savings by reducing damage to buildings and vehicles wherever they are used. They also make it much easier for drivers to park their vehicles especially when reversing in tight spaces.”

Pittman Traffic’s rubber parking blocks use natural compounds, providing a durable and long-lasting solution that eliminates the cracking or breaking that often occurs with plastic or concrete products as well as reducing vehicle damage in the event of a collision. Each block is pre-fitted with three metal bolt-down plates ensuring a stable and secure installation on tarmac or concrete surfaces. Bright reflective strips can also be fitted to increase visibility in low light conditions or at night. Available in lengths of 1200mm and 2000mm, each block is 130mm high and 150mm wide.

The new galvanised, powder-coated steel wheel stops provide the most robust parking solution for warehouses and docking areas. They allow even the heaviest HGVs to strike the steel tube and stop before causing any damage to loading bays or building structures. Used in pairs, each steel wheel stop comprises a 600mm x 114mm tube welded to a strong base that can be securely bolted to tarmac and concrete surfaces.