Sinclair Voicenet Introduces New Analytics-Enabled Quality Management Solution For Contact Centres

Sinclair Voicenet, the UK’s longest established specialist provider of multimedia interaction recording, quality management, interaction analytics, customer feedback and workforce management solutions, has launched QM Plus a new contact centre application from NICE Systems.  This analytics-enabled quality management solution will enable contact centres to improve performance, enhance the customer experience and meet organisational business objectives.

According to Sinclair Voicenet:  “QM Plus allows contact centres to automate the time-consuming and inefficient manual review processes currently required to monitor all calls and identify interactions that require immediate attention. It will improve contact centre performance and increase the effectiveness of managers by empowering managers to focus their attention and support on agents that need it the most.”

QM Plus infuses automatic performance management capabilities into the quality management process and automatically alerts managers to calls which cause breaches in quality KPIs, with insights that are both targeted and actionable.  Problems are identified in real-time using advanced speech analytics that categorises calls by content and characteristics then associates them with pre-defined business KPIs.

To enhance the call analysis process, agent interactions can be separated from customer interactions in a mono recording environment.  This allows a more detailed view of agent and customer talk time including emotion detection.  It also allows categorisation and root cause analysis to be carried out to identify key words and phrases spoken by customers or agents during interactions.

QM Plus also has a central, easy to use dashboard that enables contact centres to manage their quality programmes and processes, providing a real-time view of how well agents, groups or departments are meeting their goals.  This ensures complete, continuous and central management of the quality process.