Sinclair Voicenet Launches New Long Term Storage And Playback Solution For Historical Audio Recordings

Sinclair Voicenet, the UK’s longest established specialist provider of multimedia interaction recording, quality management, interaction analytics, customer feedback and workforce management solutions, has announced the immediate availability of SmartVoice Replay. This new solution enables organisations operating in regulated market sectors, where the long term retention of audio transactions is required, to consolidate the long term storage of historical audio transactions onto a single, up to date platform. SmartVoice Replay will deliver operational benefits to a wide range of organisations including public safety, financial services, trading floors, contact centres and outsourcers.

Developed by Sinclair Voicenet, SmartVoice Replay meets the needs of organisations that choose not to migrate stored audio and meta-data when installing a new voice recording system or upgrading to a major version release. In this event, to reduce risk and ensure shorter service outages, the previous legacy recording platform is typically converted to a replay only system which must be supported and maintained for as long as the calls are retained.

“SmartVoice Replay solves a big problem for organisations, particularly those operating in market sectors which have longer retention requirements for recorded transactions,” commented Sinclair Voicenet. “It will deliver significant savings and efficiency improvements whilst eliminating the technical challenges faced by organisations as their legacy systems go out of support along with the operating systems, database servers and hardware on which they are hosted.”

SmartVoice Replay allows organisations to decommission these aging legacy voice recorders and export all stored audio and meta-data to a single, simplified and supportable platform comprising off-the-shelf hardware running a Microsoft-based operating system and application infrastructure. The platform can be virtual or physical and enables authorised users to quickly and easily playback historical audio transactions, made on one or more voice recording systems regardless of manufacturer, using a standard web browser.

This new system supports PCI-DSS compliance and has multi-layered security. It uses role-based profiling to determine who is authorised to replay recordings, what they can listen to and what functionality is available to them. Security is maintained at all times as each recording is encrypted before it is streamed across the network to the desktop where it is decrypted and replayed using a supported media player. No audio is stored on the reviewer’s computing device.

SmartVoice Replay can be used in a wide range of different applications whether allowing contact centre agents to freely listen to historical stored recordings or restricting access to compliance or administration teams who will search and replay calls on request from users.