SmartVoice ViewPoint – A New Customer Feedback Solution From Sinclair Voicenet

Sinclair Voicenet, the UK’s longest established specialist provider of multimedia interaction recording, quality management, interaction analytics and workforce management solutions, has launched SmartVoice ViewPoint, a new customer feedback solution.  It allows organisations to capture the voice of customers immediately after contacts and gain a real-world understanding of their experiences to identify key ways to improve customer service around the clock.

“SmartVoice ViewPoint will drive significant and immediate service improvements based on current feedback rather than yesterday’s issues,” commented Sinclair Voicenet.  “It sends a clear message that excellent customer service is at the heart of your organisation and that the opinions of customers really matter.”

Available as a fully hosted solution or as an on-premise service, SmartVoice ViewPoint enables organisations to conduct IVR (Interactive Voice Response) surveys immediately after calls while they are still fresh in the minds of customers, instead of an unrelated interaction by mail, email or phone.  It provides unbiased feedback to determine agents’ training needs and enhance performance with automatics alerts to managers by SMS or email if results are falling outside acceptable limits, enabling instant action to be taken.  SmartVoice ViewPoint increases agent engagement to improve staff retention, reduce staff attrition and better target training and recruitment.

SmartVoice ViewPoint has an extensive and flexible reporting capability, allowing survey results to be viewed instantly using desktop, laptop, tablet and other mobile computing devices.  Favourite reports, which are quickly and easily created, automatically update and results can be ranked by a wide range of criteria, including agent and team, allowing easy comparison for performance management. Trend reporting, based on weekly samples, enables customer services trends to be monitored to assist in the decision making process.

SmartVoice ViewPoint can also be used for other applications such as employee satisfaction surveys to learn from their direct experiences.  The surveys are anonymous giving employees the confidence to say what they really think and are a visible and transparent way of showing that you value their contribution and opinions, whilst helping to drive service improvements.  The solution can also be tailored to conduct market research projects using caller-accessed inbound IVR, freephone numbers, SMS, email and the internet.  It also delivers multi-country surveys offering a choice of languages, with spoken comments transcribed from any language for review in the SmartVoice ViewPoint management console.