Somerford Equipment Launches Innovative Mobile Servicing Solution

Somerford Equipment, the UK’s leading manufacturer of road marking and road surfacing vehicles and equipment, has launched an innovative fixed cost mobile maintenance and safety inspection service.  This new mobile service includes all labour and parts that are normally required during servicing and annual maintenance, enabling customers to ensure that their vehicle fleets are maintained in tip top condition to minimise downtime and maximise productivity.

According to Somerford Equipment:  “It is an accepted fact that the cost of unexpected breakdowns far exceeds the cost of scheduled maintenance.   This new mobile service extends the expertise of our existing Sandbach maintenance facility to customers that don’t have the time to bring their vehicles to us and helps to drive down maintenance costs.  It will minimise the incidence of mid job breakdowns and sets a new standard for customer service in the industry.”

Somerford Equipment has invested in a new fleet of service vehicles that are driven by accredited gas-qualified engineers and equipped with all the tools and parts that are likely to be required during a normal service.  To minimise the length of time that road marking or road surfacing vehicles are off the road, scheduled preventative maintenance services can be booked for evenings, weekends or public holidays, when they are less likely to be in use.

This new mobile service allows users of road marking and road surfacing vehicles to comply with all regulatory requirements relating to the inspection and maintenance of gas appliances.  It covers all gas and diesel fired preheater fuel management systems, lining prams, handmould heaters, diesel donkey engines and hydraulics.  A comprehensive certificate is issued by Somerford Equipment for each service detailing everything that has been checked, adjusted, repaired or replaced along with any recommendations.