Videalert Announces New Refit Service For Mobile Enforcement Vehicles

Videalert, one of the UK’s leading suppliers of intelligent traffic management and enforcement solutions, is expanding the range of services provided at its recently opened Mobile Enforcement Vehicle (MEV) engineering hub in Trowbridge, Wiltshire. The company has announced the launch of a new refit service for MEVs that will enable councils to cost effectively extend the operational life of existing assets whilst driving significant increases in productivity and efficiency.

This new refit service will enable councils using older TES and SEA vehicles to replace legacy analogue technology with digital HD cameras. These latest generation ONVIF-compliant cameras will deliver superior capture rates of up to 98% to dramatically increase productivity and reduce the total cost of ownership. Significantly, this capture rate is achieved with just a single pass at normal road speeds rather than having to make multiple passes at speeds of just 10-15 mph. From the CEO’s point of view, the new Videalert systems are simpler and easier to use with only minimal training.

According Videalert: “This service will enable councils to extend the operational life of MEVs by installing new camera technology and a complete suite of software. It will allow the vehicles to be used in a wide range of traffic management enforcement and monitoring applications. What is more, there is also no restriction regarding the types of vehicles that can be upgraded.”