Videalert Announces Strategic Partnership With Imtech Traffic & Infra

Videalert has announced a new strategic partnership with Imtech Traffic & Infra UK (Imtech), the European provider of technical service solutions to the traffic and infrastructure markets.  The two companies are working closely together with Bristol City Council and have several other joint projects in progress. 

According Videalert: “This partnership extends our reach into the broader traffic management market, further differentiating us from traditional suppliers of inflexible, single point civil traffic enforcement systems. With a proven track record of successful deployments for civil enforcement, traffic management and police VRM surveillance applications, this partnership will provide Local Authorities and Police Forces with a unique proposition to maximise the effectiveness of CCTV and traffic infrastructures, further reducing costs.”

Videalert’s unique Digital Video Platform is an innovative multipoint solution that uses standard off-the-shelf equipment and seamlessly integrates with existing analogue and ONVIF compliant digital megapixel cameras and infrastructure. It delivers significant cost savings to councils by enabling a wide range of additional civil traffic management and enforcement to run simultaneously without having to procure multiple legacy point solutions. This future-proofed solution combines ANPR technology with sophisticated video analytics to enforce moving traffic offences such as bus lanes, banned turns and box junctions. It can simultaneously provide vehicle plate read data to Police ANPR databases (BOFII) and traffic management systems (UTMC).

“Partnering with Videalert will add value to our customers by enabling them to leverage their investments in CCTV and traffic infrastructure, and it provides a valuable addition to our portfolio of intelligent traffic management solutions,” added Daniel Ruiz, Managing Director of Imtech.   “The company’s Digital Video Platform gives us the ability to reduce infrastructure complexity, thereby enabling councils to run multiple traffic enforcement and management applications simultaneously. It will allow councils to drive cost out of their operations and increase efficiency.”