Videalert Announces Technology Partnership With Wavestore

Videalert, the UK’s leading supplier of traffic enforcement and management solutions, has announced a new technology partnership with Wavestore, a leading global provider of digital video recording and video management software.  This partnership will enhance the level of interoperability achieved between Videalert’s Intelligent Digital Video Platform and Wavestore’s video management software, and provide local and authorities and police forces with a powerful tool to collaborate and share video surveillance infrastructure, whilst achieving a faster return on investment. 

“The integration of our technologies fully complements and enhances our strategy for enabling the running of multiple CCTV applications using a single platform to preserve budgets,” commented Videalert.  “This new partnership will provide added value to our customers seeking an integrated approach for improving road safety and traffic flows as well as helping to reduce crime in our cities.”

Videalert’s intelligent digital video platform enables the efficient deployment of civil traffic enforcement, traffic management and community safety applications.  It combines ANPR with video analytics using additional intelligence to track moving objects but only capturing those vehicles committing an offence. This future-proofed solution combines ANPR technology with sophisticated video analytics and offers a full range of deployment options including wired LAN, Wi-Fi LAN, 3G/4G-WAN, mobile vehicle.  The platform also supports all analogue and ONVIF compliant digital megapixel cameras, an attribute shared by the Wavestore VMS system.

By simultaneously running video analytics and ANPR, Videalert is not dependent on reflective number-plates to capture data and improves the detection of vehicles involved in traffic offences such as bus lanes, banned turns and box junction infringements.  The data is relayed to traffic control centres where operators can view, using the Wavestore VMS, live video images or review recorded images of any incident.  Additionally, captured data from the cameras can be sent in real time to the Traffic Management Control System for predicting average journey times and/or to the Police via a certified BOF2 interface for crime prevention activities.

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