Videalert Expands Operations With New Mobile Enforcement Vehicle Facility

Videalert, one of the UK’s leading suppliers of intelligent traffic enforcement and management solutions, is expanding with the opening of a new Mobile Enforcement Vehicle (MEV) engineering facility in Trowbridge, Wiltshire. This new regional hub will house a fully equipped workshop for fitting out and refurbishing MEVs to meet the increasing demand from the company’s expanding customer base.

According to Videalert: “This facility will enable us to meet the growing need for multi-purpose vehicles, both cars and bikes, with the flexibility to be used for a wide range of parking and traffic management applications. It also represents a significant investment by Videalert and signals our commitment to maintain our leading position in the market.”

The increasing demand for MEVs is being driven by councils wanting to rapidly deploy enforcement to a wide range of locations where non-compliance by drivers is causing congestion or safety issues. Videalert is equipping these vehicles with the latest digital camera technology and a complete suite of software for rapid deployment in different enforcement and monitoring applications. The MEVs are also fully compatible with Videalert’s hosted Digital Video Platform allowing councils to quickly extend enforcement to other areas without having to make further investment in IT infrastructure.

Videalert is now the UK’s only supplier with the ability to provide the full suite of CCTV traffic and parking enforcement solutions comprising attended, unattended and mobile using the same intelligent platform.