Videalert Systems Support Enforcement Of Mandatory Cycle Lanes

The government has published the Civil Enforcement of Parking Contraventions (England) General (Amendment) Regulations 2020. This amendment, which comes into force on 22nd June 2020, allows mandatory cycle lanes to be enforced by an approved device. It gives councils in England new powers to use CCTV to issue penalty charge notices to drivers who park or load illegally in these cycle lanes, putting cyclists at risk of a serious accident.

Videalert is one of the UK’s leading suppliers of intelligent traffic management and enforcement solutions. It is also the only company able to provide its own suite of attended, unattended and Mobile Vehicle CCTV enforcement solutions using the same intelligent digital video software platform. Existing Videalert clients can add this new cycle lane application to the platform in short timescales.

Videalert’s hosted solution is DfT Manufacturer Certified and eliminates the need for councils to procure and deploy any equipment within their IT infrastructures or install software on local PCs for evidence pack review. It enables councils to rapidly deploy systems to enforce the new cycle lanes at the same time as the full range of moving traffic offences, Clean Air and Low Emission zones and keep clears outside schools without needing a major IT infrastructure project.

As part of the Marston Holdings group, which includes NSL and Project Centre, Videalert systems can be specified as part of a wider range of design, build and enforce solutions which include a number of transportation and enforcement services.