Videalert Upgrades Digital Video Platform To Further Increase Productivity And Integrate With Other Enforcement Providers

Videalert, one of the UK’s leading suppliers of intelligent traffic enforcement and management solutions, has announced the immediate availability of new functionality for its Digital Video Platform which simultaneously supports the enforcement of diverse civil traffic contraventions, traffic management and community safety applications. This includes integration with mobile enforcement vehicles from third party suppliers including TES and SEA, a new analytics engine and an upgraded Evidence Pack Review Suite – all of which will result in significant productivity improvements for councils.

According to Videalert: “Videalert is the first manufacturer to integrate its platform with other suppliers of civil traffic enforcement systems such as Mobile Enforcement Vehicles from SEA and TES. Using a single platform in this way allows councils to take a phased approach to migrating from existing systems that are still operational.This will help to extend the ROI of existing assets and reduce support costs.”

Videalert’s new analytics engine has been equipped with the latest algorithms that provide additional layers of intelligence to enhance the evidence capture process. It will further increase detection rates and reduce the incidence of false alerts to deliver industry-leading levels of productivity at the lowest operating cost. Videalert’s Evidence Pack Review Suite has also been upgraded with the addition of new fields to display more detailed DVLA data and allow reviewers to add notes explaining the reasons that PCNs have been issued in borderline cases. This will help to speed up the evidence pack review process.