Wiltshire Council Deploys Videalert Mobile Enforcement Vehicle

Videalert, one of the UK’s leading suppliers of intelligent traffic enforcement and management solutions, has supplied Wiltshire Council with a new mobile enforcement vehicle (MEV) which is initially being used to enforce residential permit parking in Salisbury. The vehicle is equipped with a complete suite of Videalert software giving it the ability to be used in future for a wide range of safety-related parking applications including bus stops and the enforcement of keep clears outside schools. The council is also deploying Videalert cameras to enforce two bus gates in Devizes.

According to Joanne Pattison, Parking Manager at Wiltshire Council: “Videalert has provided the council with a flexible, hosted solution that will help us to significantly increase the productivity of the whole parking team. It will also enable us to cost effectively extend enforcement to other safety-related applications as required and provide a more efficient service.”

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Videalert supplied a Peugeot 108 equipped with two roof-mounted ANPR cameras and two colour cameras to capture contextual video evidence. The ONVIF-compliant cameras accurately capture reflective number plates at distances of up to 40 metres with capture rates of up to 98%. Importantly, this can be achieved with just a single pass at normal road speeds. Used in conjunction with the latest video analytics, the system delivers the highest productivity at the lowest operating cost in any traffic environment.

Wiltshire Council is also installing Videalert cameras to enforce bus gates located at two housing developments in Devizes. These locations, situated next to main arterial routes into the market town, have previously been controlled using rising bollards, which have proved to be increasingly unreliable due to water damage. The first cameras have been installed at the Newman Road bus gate and will provide uninterrupted enforcement around the clock whilst delivering cost savings by eliminating the ongoing maintenance liability of the rising bollards.

Images of contraventions are transmitted to Videalert’s hosted digital video platform where evidence packs can be viewed and validated prior to sending to the council’s back office system for the issuance of penalty charge notices (PCN). Videalert’s flexible hosted platform makes it a quick and cost effective process to deploy enforcement as it does not require the installation of any IT at the council’s offices. To reduce the number of appeals, PCN recipients can view still photographs and video footage of the alleged offence over the internet.

Videalert added: “Videalert MEVs have proved to deliver industry-leading capture rates whilst consistently outperforming vehicles from other suppliers. These multi-purpose MEVs give councils greater flexibility to enforce a wide range of moving traffic and parking contraventions.”