The shared parking service for the London Boroughs of Wandsworth and Richmond upon Thames is expanding its usage of Videalert’s unattended rapidly deployable CCTV systems. The cameras, used to enforce a wide range of bus lane and moving traffic applications, ensure that roads are safe for motorists and pedestrians, reduce pollution and protect the parking needs of residents, businesses and visitors to both boroughs.

According to Nick O’Donnell, Assistant Director for Traffic and Engineering for Richmond and Wandsworth Councils: “As a shared parking service, our focus is to synchronise and consolidate resources, systems and best practice to improve operational efficiency and achieve cost savings. The Videalert platform allows additional camera assets and enforcement applications to be cost effectively added, offers the flexibility to capture multiple contraventions alongside important data and provides a future-proofed investment for civil traffic enforcement.”

As part of this project, Richmond is transitioning to Videalert’s fully hosted platform which is already used by Wandsworth. The configuration from the council’s existing on-premise server was replicated on the hosted platform in advance of the switch over to minimise disruption to ongoing review activities and outstation cameras.

Videalert is also converting camera locations that currently connect to the council’s local area network to a wide area network configuration using its Rapidly Deployable Server (RDS) and upgrading SIM cards within all existing RDS units from 3G to 4G. This will deliver a significant performance improvement across the camera estate in terms of speed and reliability of data transfer to the hosted platform.

Marston Holdings added: “We have been working with Richmond and Wandsworth councils for many years and are privileged and excited to be continuing our relationship. We are looking forward to collaborating on projects in support of the Councils future ambitions and further advance the Videalert hosted enforcement solution as key component of Marston Holdings’ design, build and enforce solutions for Civil Parking Enforcement, Clean Air and Low Emission Zones.”

Marston Holdings, the UK’s leading provider of integrated, technology-enabled transport and enforcement solutions, has announced that it has won a place on Crown Commercial Service’s Transport Technology and Associated Services (TTAS) framework.

The new framework runs through to 31st October 2025 and makes it easier for government and public sector organisations to procure Marston’s full range of design, build and enforce solutions that are currently supporting many of the clean air zones across the UK.

Marston Holdings can now be specified for all seven lots within the framework including:

• Lot 1 – Transport Professional Services
• Lot 2 – Transport and Pedestrian Control
• Lot 3 – Transport Signage and Lighting
• Lot 4 – Transport Data Services
• Lot 5 – Sustainable Transport Technologies
• Lot 6 – Major Transport Solutions
• Lot 7 – Catalogue

With services and technology in all the above lots, Marston Holdings will enable local authorities to make tangible progress towards their net zero pledges by enabling the design and delivery of pollution and emission reduction schemes of every scale. This includes planning through its award winning transport consultancy Project Centre through to effective enforcement using Videalert’s CCTV technology which includes fixed, mobile and hosted solutions that are quick to deploy and deliver a rapid return on investment.

The TTAS framework will provide local authorities with the professional support and technology needed to design, build and enforce environmental schemes such as clean air zones, low emission zones and moving traffic contraventions as the remaining elements of Part 6 of the Road Traffic Act 2004 are enacted over the coming months.

“With a long track record of successfully working in partnership with the public sector, we are delighted to have won a place on this important framework,” commented Marston Holdings. “Being awarded a place in every lot confirms our ability to provide complete, sustainable solutions of the highest quality across the end-to-end transport sector.”

Crown Commercial Service supports the public sector to achieve maximum commercial value when procuring common goods and services. In 2020/21 it helped the public sector to achieve commercial benefits equal to £2.04 billion – supporting world-class public services that offer best value for taxpayers.