A New Point Of Sale Software Solution From X2 Computing

X2 Computing, a leading supplier of mobile computing solutions, has launched Tlantic UniFO™ (Unified Front Office), a new Point of Sale system for the retail and order fulfilment market sectors.  This innovative solution will deliver measurable business value through the provision of innovative and advanced functionalities that will optimise the checkout process and enhance the in-store customer experience.

Tlantic UniFO™ is already in use in Sonae’s retail operations throughout Portugal as well as in other retail chains around Europe and Middle East including hypermarkets, supermarkets, convenience stores, consumer electronics, appliances, sports, apparel, shoes, book stores, pharmacies and coffee shops.

According to Pedro Lago, Director for Store Automation at Sonae:  “This front office solution enables us to rapidly develop new services and increase contact with customers.  It provides us with greater agility to fulfil new business needs in short timescales, with a 60% reduction in costs.”

Tlantic UniFO™ enables retailers to deliver an improved customer service by allowing fixed POS terminals to work offline using local databases that are updated with all current products and pricing information.  In-store staff can make changes to prices on items directly on the POS or back office system.  It also enables retailers to further reduce waiting times using third party queue busting and self-checkout technology, maintaining all business logic in UniFO™.

Tlantic UniFO™ has a web-based dashboard that gives an instant, real-time view of sales by product and POS, as well as showing check-out activity.  It enhances the management of tasks and sales while empowering staff to make more informed decisions, using a comprehensive range of performance reports that directly impact on in-store efficiency and productivity.  It also provides complete control of all payments within the store to ensure a single point of control and accountability for the differences that might be identified.

According to X2 Computing:  “This new software solution represents a new breed of front of house systems that inter-communicate, enabling retailers to undertake a more holistic approach to customer service.”

With a low cost ownership, and hardware independent, Tlantic UniFO™ is a sophisticated, robust and totally fault-tolerant system that synchronises information with in-store applications across multiple stores using a single server, with no need for additional system licenses.  It is scalable from single site locations through to the largest multi-site and multi-brand operations.  Back-end processing, it is designed to run on linux-based platforms and has a service-oriented architecture to easily integrate with external systems.