Clone Your Best Agents With SmartVoice Assist from Sinclair Voicenet

Sinclair Voicenet, the UK’s longest established specialist provider of multimedia interaction recording, quality management, interaction analytics, customer feedback and workforce management solutions, has introduced SmartVoice Assist, a new and innovative contact centre training solution.  SmartVoice Assist empowers managers to discreetly monitor the calls and on-screen activities of new and experienced agents in real-time and intervene or provide additional support when needed.  It enables contact centre operations to clone the skills of best performing agents whilst reducing the need for traditional classroom training. 

SmartVoice Assist enables managers to listen to individual agents whilst they are interacting with systems and customers without interfering with the calls and take remote control of their computers should they need help.  Trainees or agents can also call the manager directly for help at the push of a button, either by instant audio or text, should an issue arise which they feel they cannot handle themselves.  This has been proven to increase first call resolution by up to 10% whilst reducing average handling times by up to 15%.

In the training environment, SmartVoice Assist enables a single experienced agent to answer live calls while trainees listen in.  This provides invaluable experience of the live environment and improves system knowledge by observing how the agent navigates through various systems.  This functionality reduces the “time to train” in both classroom and live environments whilst ensuring that consistent and best practices are achieved across the whole operation.  SmartVoice Assist also reduces Gross Operational Spend (GOS) relating to training as only one agent needs to be taken away from the operation at any one time leaving other revenue generating agents to conduct business as usual.

According to Sinclair Voicenet:  “SmartVoice Assist enables contact centre managers to spend more time with trainees and agents to accelerate their training, development and deployment.  It will boost agent performance, enhance ROI and significantly enhance the level of service provided to customers.”