Halcyon Software Adds Web-Enabled Interface To Advanced Job Scheduler V11 for IBM i

Halcyon Software, a global leader in systems management software, has added a new browser-based user interface to its Advanced Job Scheduler v11 for the IBM i platform.  This is the latest product to be developed as part of Halcyon Software’s on-going web enablement programme and provides organisations with the flexibility to schedule and track complex job streams across different IBM i systems over the internet, using a wide range of mobile devices, to ensure that business processes are running smoothly.  

According to Halcyon Software:  “We are making a significant on-going investment in the re-engineering of our monitoring and automation tools for the IBM i, keeping user interfaces relevant with today’s technology and meeting the mobile strategies being adopted by IBM customers.  Web-enablement provides organisations with greater control of system operations by allowing authorised users to securely logon to IBM i platforms using a wide range of mobile devices including laptops, tablets, iPhones, Android and other smartphones from any location.  This latest release builds on the ethos of our product roadmap for creating products that allow for simplicity, visibility and knowledge sharing.”

Advanced Job Scheduler’s new user interface modernises the traditional green screen view by displaying information in an alternative, easy to understand format that can be accessed from any device capable of running an internet browser.  With familiar and intuitive Windows style layouts and drop down menus, it is user configurable with choice of colour schemes and enables users to quickly and easily navigate and access data.

Users can easily connect to multiple IBM i platforms and are provided with an instant view of the status of all groups and jobs including processes that might have failed to complete and need to be resolved as well as details of jobs that will run in the future.  Where jobs have failed, users can quickly and easily diagnose if there is a pattern and rectify accordingly.

“Halcyon Advanced Job Scheduler has been the scheduling tool of choice for Imtech ICT for the past 10 years and is crucial to ensuring the reliability of our business operations,” added Gary Metherell of Imtech ICT, a leading provider of managed services.  “We appreciate Halcyon’s collaborative approach to new product development and enhancement and the addition of a web enabled interface will enable us to deliver even higher levels of service to customers.  We can now give them the option to view the progress of jobs critical to their day to day operation around the clock.”

The new web-enabled Advanced Job Scheduler v11 is available immediately, either as a standalone utility or as part of Halcyon’s Level 4 monitoring suite for the IBM i.  Customers already using Halcyon’s Advanced Job Scheduler can upgrade to this latest release free of charge.