Halcyon Software Enhances AIX And Linux Monitoring in Network Server Suite V9.0

Halcyon Software, a global leader in systems management software, has announced the immediate availability of the latest version of Network Server Suite, the leading monitoring and automation software solution for multi-platform environments.  The new release will enable organisations to ensure maximum availability of servers and network devices to maintain business operations around the clock. 

The cross-platform capabilities of Network Server Suite have been enhanced to provide more comprehensive monitoring of critical applications running on AIX and Linux operating systems as well as Windows.  It includes a graphical Enterprise Console that provides greater visibility of important events enabling users to view and manage alerts through a single centralised dashboard.  Automatic alerts can be also be sent to staff by email or SMS and a free ‘app’ for Apple and Android smartphones or tablets provides a portable view of the console to manage applications, processes and SNMP devices from any location.

According to Halcyon Software:  “Network Server Suite V9.0 features automated troubleshooting capabilities that will complement the skills of AIX and Linux specialists enabling them to diagnose problems faster and free up their time to focus on other operational issues.  It will also allow organisations to embed existing AIX and Linux skills into a point and click solution that can be used by IT administrators to manage cross-platform IT environments and supplement the capabilities of key staff.”

Network Server Suite V9.0 also has advanced troubleshooting tools that provide an instant overview of important system events such as bottlenecks and failed logons with automatic alerts if unusual activity is detected that may indicate potential hacking attacks.  Another new feature is the Disk Utilisation utility which monitors and reports on disk and other hardware issues.

The automation tools increase operational efficiency by speeding up the process of running scripts, analysing files and generating detailed reports, enabling potential issues to be quickly identified and resolved.  In addition, existing scripts can be uploaded into the software and run securely with full error checking.

Halcyon Software has also announced a new ‘lite’ version of Network Server Suite which enables the monitoring of VIOS (Virtual I/O Server) on IBM Power Systems.  With pre-defined template rules, it will help users to integrate the automatic monitoring of VIOS with other monitoring and alerting tools for IBM Power Systems.  Halcyon Software has also published a VIOS monitoring guide that can be downloaded from www.halcyonsoftware.com/vios

Existing users can upgrade to the latest standard version of Network Server Suite free of charge.  For further information, please visit www.halcyonsoftware.com