Halcyon Software Launches New Security Product For Managing Passwords

Halcyon Software, a global leader in multi-platform systems management software, today announced the immediate availability of Password Reset Manager, a new security solution for users of IBM i running on IBM Power Systems servers.  This self-service tool provides users with a quick and easy way to reset their passwords, which will reduce call volumes into service desks and deliver significant cost savings. 

Password Reset Manager allows ‘trusted users’ to reset passwords without having to place time consuming requests on service desks.  After enrolment, this flexible tool allows users to provide personalised answers to pre-set or customised questions.   To perform resets, users answer these questions to confirm their identities before new passwords are assigned and activated.

According to Halcyon Software, “Everyone that uses the internet is already familiar with this intuitive process and now we are bringing the same level of functionality to users of IBM i on IBM Power Systems servers.  Password Reset Manager expands our portfolio of security solutions and is very competitively priced within the marketplace as it allows for unlimited usage and delivers significant savings by eliminating the restrictions placed by other vendors that use licensing models based on the number of seats or users.”

Halcyon Software’s new security tool automates the password reset process to minimise the amount of time that enrolled users are unable to access applications whilst reducing call volumes to service desks by up to 30 percent.  This will free up support staff to focus their time on more important issues that require their specialist attention and enable service desks to increase productivity.

Password Reset Manager provides a flexible activity reporting functionality, enabling users of IBM i on IBM Power Systems servers to comply with auditing requirements.  It is available as a standalone solution or can be integrated with any of Halcyon Software’s monitoring suites to automate the report distribution process.  The price is £500 per LPAR/logical partition for an unlimited number of users.  Halcyon Software is also offering a free 30-day evaluation of this new software tool, which can be downloaded from www.halcyonsoftware.com/prm.