Hexagon Software Launches New Hosted Service For Property Management Software Solutions

Hexagon Software, a leading independent provider of property and financial management software, has announced that it can now provide a fully hosted service.  Designed to meet the needs of customers that don’t have the in-house infrastructure or resources, this new service can be offered as a SaaS (Software as a Service) solution, providing 24/7 web-based access to enterprise-class system functionality at a low monthly cost.  This makes it an ideal option for new start-ups or companies restructuring their operations to meet increasing business levels.

“This hosted service significantly reduces the total cost of ownership whilst enabling the delivery of administrative efficiencies and increased productivity,” commented Hexagon Software.  “With monthly hosting costs starting from just £20 per user and no upfront costs, organisations can rapidly deploy flexible systems tailored to their individual business requirements.”

Hexagon Software’s new hosted solution meets the needs of organisations operating throughout the property sector including management companies, managing agents, landed estates, developers, landlords and owner.  It enables users to access property and financial management applications from any location around the clock and provides a flexible and scalable platform that allows easy expansion as business needs change without needing to invest in new hardware or software.  Hexagon also provides a single point of contact for all services including hardware support, software maintenance, system performance, security, backups and disaster recovery processes.

With its modern, ‘metro’ layout, new menu design and customisable task bars and dashboards, Hexagon’s new hosted solution requires minimal training and provides a richer user experience.  The easy view dashboard automatically delivers key management information and can be configured to provide high level overviews of performance indicators such as rent collections, net rental yields, average length of unexpired leases, occupation rates and more.

“As well as reducing capital costs, deploying a hosted solution will deliver greater access to business intelligence and workflow.  It will strengthen organisational performance by eliminating the technicalities surrounding how information is delivered to users,” concluded Hexagon Software.