New Long Range Camera From MEL Secure Systems Delivers Facial And Number Plate Recognition At Up To One Kilometre

MEL Secure Systems, the leading developer of surveillance and security solutions, has launched a new high power, long range Periscope camera.  This ruggedised camera is ideal for tactical surveillance operations in a wide range of security and maritime applications.  Supplied with a precision 1,500mm 100x zoom lens, it will deliver evidential quality facial and number plate recognition at distances up to one kilometre or view the activities of people at up to three kilometres. 

With Pelco-D telemetry RS485 compatibility, the camera has full PTZ functionality with 360˚pan and 60˚ tilt with continuous rotation.  An innovative motor drive system provides precise positioning control with a maximum speed of 35 degrees per second enabling rapid identification of detected events.  The long range camera can be used in all weather and provides excellent day/night performance even in near-no-light conditions.  An advanced IR filter is used to deliver clear images, even in the densest fog, allowing tactical operations to continue without interruption.

According to MEL Secure Systems:  “Our new high power, long range Periscope camera meets the operational needs of security services by enabling clear identification at distances outside the range of standard cameras without detection.  It also provides significant cost savings compared with traditional systems offering similar levels of functionality.”

MEL Secure Systems also provides links enabling Transmission via COFDM Video and UHF Telemetry enabling high quality, interference-free images to be received at distances of up to four kilometres without requiring line of sight.  Also available are video receivers, telemetry transmitters, LCD colour monitors, camera telemetry controls, rechargeable battery packs and solid state recorders that can be built into rugged, weatherproof cases for use in any location.