New Super Mini Periscope Camera For Tactical Survelliance From Melsecure International

Melsecure International, the leading developer of surveillance and security solutions, has launched a new Super Mini Periscope camera. Designed for use in mobile or fixed covert surveillance operations, this IP65 rated camera is engineered for trouble-free operation in all weather conditions and can be deployed in a wide range of concealed locations providing a perfect solution to meet tactical ‘drop and run’ surveillance requirements. 

The new Super Mini Periscope camera has full PTZ functionality, 360° pan with continuous rotation and 60° camera tilt. It also features an innovative motor drive system that provides precise positioning control even when panning at low speed and, because there is no latency, operators can follow specific events with a PTZ joystick even at the most extreme zoom settings. The camera offers up to 10x optical and 10x digital zoom using a Sony day/night camera module with image stabilisation to provide evidential quality pictures at maximum zoom.

According to Melsecure International: “This innovative new Super Mini Periscope camera can be easily concealed in drainpipes and lamp posts or built-in to vehicles to deliver high quality images without being detected from a wide range of covert locations to meet individual tactical surveillance requirements.”

Melsecure International also provides a compatible video link, telemetry link, 10.4” LCD colour monitor, camera telemetry controls, rechargeable battery pack and solid state recorder, all of which are built into a rugged, weatherproof case that can be used in any location.

The dimensions of this compact camera are 150 x 70 mm and it weighs just 930 grams.