NSL assisting with the rollout of community testing centres

NSL, the UK’s largest parking enforcement specialist and part of Marston Holdings, is working in partnership with councils across the UK. In addition to assisting with the monitoring and management of town centres and other busy public areas to protect local communities during the pandemic, NSL has extended the service to include testing centres. This will help meet the increasing demand as community testing is expanded to cover all 314 lower-tier local authorities in England.

According to NSL: “Local knowledge and expertise have proved vital in combating COVID-19 and we will continue to help councils to deliver their strategies to contain and reduce the virus. This approach provides them with the flexibility and freedom to roll-out community testing based on their specific knowledge of the level and location of infection in their areas.”

NSL has the infrastructure and recruitment processes already in place and can scale up to meet client requirements in as little as one week. This enables councils to deliver a rapid response to meet changing government lockdown rules.

Full training is provided by NSL to equip Marshals with the skills they need to ensure the effectiveness of every interaction with people throughout the testing process from arrival to departure. They are also fully equipped with PPE including face coverings and hand sanitiser as well as radios and mobile phones.

The pandemic has reinforced NSL’s commitment to working in the community and ensuring that people stay safe as they go about their daily lives. The company is proud that its Marshals can make such a positive impact and will continue to work closely with local authorities over the coming months, delivering a bespoke service to meet their specific requirements.