NSL Covid Marshalls supporting councils to protect local communities and keep town centres safe

NSL, the UK’s largest parking enforcement specialist and part of Marston Holdings, is working in partnership with councils across the UK to help them manage the impact of the coronavirus pandemic. The company is providing Covid Marshalls to support the police and council enforcement officers in monitoring and managing busy public areas, to protect local communities and ensure that town centres are safe places to visit.

According to NSL : “The pandemic has reinforced our commitment to working in the community and ensuring that people stay safe as they go about their daily lives. We are proud that our Covid Marshalls are able to make such a positive impact and will continue to work closely with councils over the coming months, delivering a bespoke service to meet their specific requirements as government guidelines evolve.”

With the infrastructure and recruitment processes already in place, NSL has the ability to rapidly scale up its workforce to meet this demand from councils. The company has received hundreds of applicants for each advertised position, many with frontline customer service expertise and newly unemployed as a result of the pandemic. Successful applicants have already been employed with new and existing council clients including Bracknell Forest and Trafford.

According to Trafford Council’s Strategic Growth Team: “We are delighted by the friendly and professional way in which our Covid Information Officers are providing advice and support for local businesses on Covid-safe practices and ensuring safe, socially distanced queuing in public spaces. They are also supporting the night economy, helping to ensure that outside eating/drinking areas are safe and meet government guidelines.”

Covid Marshalls receive full training to ensure the effectiveness of every interaction. They are also fully equipped with PPE including face coverings and hand sanitiser as well as radios and mobile phones. When required, they also wear bodycams and work in pairs when operating at night.

“NSL can scale up to meet client requirements in as little as one week enabling an effective response to be delivered to meet changing government lockdown rules,” continued NSL. “We are committed to ensuring the safety of every employee as well as members of the public and operate strict daily cleansing regimes for all equipment and vehicles used.”