Sinclair Voicenet Deploys New Process Optimisation Solution At Ageas Retail Intermediary

Ageas Retail Intermediary has unveiled one of the UK’s most successful deployments of the Real-Time Process Optimisation solution from NICE Systems.  Supplied and supported by Sinclair Voicenet, the UK’s longest established specialist provider of contact centre solutions, the system is helping to significantly speed up telephone-based transactions to increase agent productivity and is already putting Ageas Retail Intermediary on course to achieve significant savings over the next five years. 

According to Gaynor Savarnejad, Head of New Business and Operational Process at Ageas Retail Intermediary:  “Working within a very competitive market, we needed to bring simplicity to our processes that would benefit customers whilst driving cost out of the business.  Working with Sinclair Voicenet has enabled us to cut through the complexity and develop a solution that has delivered real and immediate operational benefits.”

Prior to deployment, Sinclair Voicenet provided extensive consultancy services to determine where business processes could be optimised to deliver the biggest gains and ensure that the system was configured to meet the specific operational requirements.  The first area to be addressed was the customer validation process which required agents to call up eleven different systems to check customer information held including outstanding claims or payments, a time consuming process that was adding around one minute to every call.

Real-Time Process Optimisation automatically retrieves the required information from disparate systems and displays the results on a screen pop-up allowing agents to see the status of the account in just a few seconds.  The system prompts agents to ask specific questions if any information is flagged up as being incomplete before proceeding with transactions.

“Working closely in partnership with Sinclair Voicenet, we have been able to automate previously manual, time consuming processes to enhance operational efficiency, reduce costs  and deliver an enhanced customer service,” continued Savarnejad.  “Sinclair Voicenet has helped us to focus on areas of the business that have the most impact on improving efficiency where simple changes could deliver the biggest benefits.”