SmartVoice Protect – A New PCI Compliance Solution From Sinclair Voicenet

Sinclair Voicenet, the UK’s longest established specialist provider of multimedia interaction recording, quality management, interaction analytics and workforce management solutions, has launched SmartVoice Protect, a new PCI compliance solution. This cost effective solution will help organisations to comply with PCI DSS regulations by ensuring that Sensitive Authentication Data relating to credit and debit cards is not overheard, recorded or stored during telephone-based Cardholder Not Present (CNP) transactions.

“As fraud linked to Cardholder Not Present transactions increases, organisations that can demonstrate that they are taking steps to protect confidential personal data will achieve higher levels of customer satisfaction and greater loyalty,” commented Peter Gough, a Director of Sinclair Voicenet. “SmartVoice Protect eliminates the need for ‘pause and resume’ functionality and ensures that payment data or card security codes cannot enter internal systems. It will dramatically reduce the level of PCI auditing required to deliver substantial cost savings and a rapid return on investment.

During telephone-based interactions, customers are prompted to enter payment details using their telephone keypad and, importantly, remain connected to the agent throughout the data entry process. Agents are alerted of any errors during the validation checking process. The system securely transmits data to payment providers to obtain authorisation codes or approvals and provides agents with visual indications of whether transactions have been successful or declined. SmartVoice Protect can be deployed as a premise-based solution installed at trunk level or as a cloud-based solution for use by organisations that have multiple locations or employ home workers.

“SmartVoice Protect is easy to deploy and manage, enabling contact centres to comply with PCI DSS regulations without compromising operational efficiency. It will provide invaluable protection against the increasing incidence of credit card fraud and identity theft and give customers the assurance that it is safe to do business with your organisation,” concluded Peter Gough.