South Gloucestershire Council Takes Delivery Of New Multi-purpose Road Maintenance Vehicle From Somerford Equipment

South Gloucestershire Council took delivery of a new multi-purpose road maintenance vehicle from Somerford Equipment at the Commercial Vehicle Show. This innovative vehicle will enable road maintenance crews to carry out a wide range of works including installation of reflective road studs, application of road markings, surface preparation and line removal whilst providing a comprehensive traffic management capability. Using a single prime mover and crew to perform multiple functions will speed up the maintenance process to reduce traffic disruption and maximise return on investment.

The Somerford Equipment vehicle was selected after a thorough market review and will allow the council’s road crews to deliver a rapid and responsive approach to meet the increasing demand for road maintenance around the clock. This multi-purpose vehicle will increase operational efficiency by eliminating the idle/standing time for single function vehicles and further extend the range of applications that can be handled throughout the year.

The new Euro-6 vehicle complies with the latest safety and working practices to protect drivers, operatives and the general public. It has been designed to be fully compliant with stringent Type Approval legislation, as well as meeting Safe Working-at-Height requirements, with railings around the vehicle in all operator accessible areas.

The build features the latest LED Traffic Control Arrow unit that provides Chapter 8 compliant high-visibility markings to enhance safety for both crew and road users. Other specifications include extended storage facilities for materials, tools and traffic management equipment; an on-board debris suction system for removal from site of road surface filings from the stud installation process, which can then be taken for recycling; an extended cab for crew comfort and dry storage of safety PPE; and an inboard operator platform to allow safe operation of the equipment whilst providing protection from traffic flow.

Somerford Equipment worked closely in partnership with South Gloucestershire Council’s technical team throughout the design and build process and will continue to provide the highest level of service support to ensure that this unique vehicle consistently delivers maximum productivity. To maximise efficiency throughout its operational life whilst minimising downtime, the council also specified Somerford Equipment’s comprehensive service and maintenance programme, which includes full gas accreditation and certification.