Truckfile Enhanced With Telematics And Sage Integration

Magic Internet Technologies has announced the immediate availability of the latest version of Truckfile, the UK’s leading fleet and workshop management and compliance solution.  It has been enhanced with the addition of optional telematics and Sage integration providing even more functionality to speed up compliance checking, minimise vehicle ‘off the road’ time and enable fleet and workshop operators of every size to achieve significant cost savings.

According to Magic Internet Technologies:  “Truckfile is a next generation solution that provides considerably higher levels of functionality and can be quickly and easily deployed for half the cost of traditional compliance-only systems.  It provides greater control over the compliance process throughout the operational life of every vehicle and consolidates our leading position in the industry.”

Truckfile provides HGV and PSV operators and workshops with a comprehensive compliance solution including a driver walk-around check that uses smartphones or tablet computers to scan QR codes for carrying out predetermined inspections both inside and outside vehicles.  It delivers high levels of automation with the management system, storing all completed drivers checks and sending emails alerting management about any defects found that need rectification before the vehicle is safe to drive.

The addition of telematics enables driver behaviour to be monitored over every journey with a 3-axis accelerometer that tracks the movement of vehicles.  Event detection and recording informs fleet operators of any incidents enabling a full evaluation of how a vehicle was being driven at the time.  It also alerts drivers of any infringements such as harsh acceleration, speed violations and excessive engine idling to encourage improved driving habits.  Telematics also supports the automation of maintenance scheduling and sends alerts of any potential issues that need investigation before they cause a breakdown and enable vehicle workload to be planned around future inspections.

Other new features include integration with SageLine 50 to enable workshop operators to increase administrative productivity.  It will eliminate the need to rekey information into the accounts system to improve accuracy and speed up the production of invoices whilst delivering significant efficiency gains.  A further enhancement is that Truckfile can now also be used to carry out a flexible range of driver checks on other vehicles types including oil tankers, buses, vans and JCBs.

“Truckfile complies with the latest VOSA standards for maintaining road worthiness and the electronic storage of information,” continued Magic Internet Technologies.  “It provides the highest levels of security for stored compliance data and is the only fleet and workshop management solution to have successfully passed full penetration testing carried out by one of the world’s leading truck manufacturers.”

Truckfile is a cloud-based solution that can be rapidly deployed without major upfront investment and provides authorised users with rapid, browser-based access to their compliance data around the clock from any internet-enabled device.  There is no need to install or maintain software on individual servers or PCs, eliminating the need for system housekeeping tasks such as backups to be carried out by operators.