Videalert’s Hosted Civil Enforcement System Gains DfT Manufacturer Certification

Videalert, the UK’s leading supplier of CCTV traffic enforcement and management systems, has announced that its new fully hosted civil enforcement solution has gained DfT Manufacturer Certification.  This is the UK’s first civil enforcement solution that does not require any hardware or software to be installed on a customer premises making it significantly easier for councils to rapidly deploy the latest unattended digital CCTV enforcement systems.  Videalert’s hosted platform eliminates the need for councils to procure and deploy any equipment within their IT infrastructures or install software on local PCs for evidence pack review. 

According to Videalert:  “This new hosted solution requires no ICT involvement from councils and can be delivered through a variety of flexible commercial models.  It enables councils to respond rapidly to operational and strategic requests for deployments over both the short and long-term.  Our first customer will be going live with the new system shortly.”

Videalert’s hosted solution enables councils to speed up the deployment of systems to enforce the full range of moving traffic offences including banned turns, yellow box junctions and bus lanes.  It also allows the enforcement of parking offences on keep clears outside schools, one of the exemptions detailed in the recent Deregulation Bill, without needing a major IT infrastructure project.

As part of this hosted solution, enforcement systems using Videalert’s WAN 3G/4G cellular units (“PC up a pole – RDS”) can be installed for video processing at the network edge.  The hosted servers within Videalert’s Virtual Server Farm retrieve evidence packs from the RDS units allowing trained council operators to access and review them using standard web browsers, before confirmed offences are transmitted to the back office PCN system.  Each council has a dedicated virtual server, so security and integrity is fully guaranteed with cloud storage used for backup.

“Outsourcing to a hosted enforcement environment enables councils to improve efficiency, increase income and maintain greater control over costs,” continued Videalert.  “As well as reducing infrastructure and software costs, Videalert’s hosted service also eliminates the potential support issues that often occur when sharing IT resources with other council departments.”